saw palmetto for hair loss: an analysis by

Have you ever thought about whether saw palmetto actually works to stop hair loss? Based on MENSCRIPT, an on-line health facility specializing in offering online hair loss treatments across all of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands the answer is not.

The online health clinic conducted an investigation of the research of saw palmetto as well as the loss of hair. It discovered that the majority of studies that their makers cite as “proof” for their efficacy is believed to be funded by the business.

They found that despite saw palmetto being touted on the internet to be an effective remedy against hair loss it does not significantly reduce the amount of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). A hormone thought to be the most important cause for the loss of male hair.

For instance, they discovered for instance that DHT inhibition that is frequently talked about is extremely minimal and doesn’t have any scientific value in stopping the loss hair. Finasteride for instance is 18.000 times more potent in its ability to block enzyme type II in comparison to Saw Palmetto.

The fact is that Saw Palmetto is still regarded as a powerful DHT blocker to this moment is due to the public relations team behind Permixon. Permixon brand. The brand is is controlled by Pierre Fabre Laboratories; a pharmaceutical company that has released two studies between 1984 and 1996 that were conducted by their own scientists and their research center, which is known as the Centre de Recherches Pierre Fabre

A study in the lab where cells were exposed to very large amounts of saw palmetto that could have weakened the function of cells. According to MENSCRIPT it is evident that the claims about hair loss are untrue and are mostly used to boost sales of the company behind it.

The full assessment report can be read on their website: Saw palmetto for hair loss: efficacy analysis