Which Is Better: Traditional Christmas Movies or Contemporary Festive Films?

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it is the perfect time to fire up Netflix and begin watching all of your favorite holiday films in rapid succession. The production of Christmas movies is its own vast industry, one that is responsible for the continued existence of entire television networks like Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel, in addition to being a significant source of revenue for the major Hollywood studios. Continue Reading the primitives site for more articles.

Even though new Christmas movies are made at an incredible rate, only a very small percentage of them ever manage to leave a long-lasting impression on the collective mind and culture of the general public. Having said that, this does not imply that the more recent material is not worthwhile of your time.

The holiday of Christmas may place a strong emphasis on tradition, but it is frequently the case that more recent cultural outputs are the ones that are best able to communicate what the holiday season might mean to society today and why the message and spirit of the yuletide is genuinely eternal. Let’s take a closer look to determine whether traditional Christmas movies or more modern ones are the better option.

One might make the argument that all of the most popular Christmas movies are ones that have been popular for decades now because this is the case when one considers that they are rewatched every year around this time. When one thinks of well-known Christmas movies from the past 10 years, there aren’t too many that make the cut. The likes of Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Home Alone, all of which were released more than three decades ago, typically do not make the cut for any annual ranking of the most popular Christmas movies.

There is no denying that their everlasting popularity is due in part to the fact that their influence on culture only appears to be increasing with time. Take, for instance, Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, which is widely considered to be the best-known holiday story ever told. More than a dozen adaptations of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol have been produced in the 177 years since the first edition of Dickens’s novel was published. Among these are box office smashes such as Bill Murray’s Scrooged and the Muppets’ A Christmas Carol.

The story has also been retold in different forms of media, as we’ve seen. There is even a Christmas Carol video puzzle game in addition to the original graphic novel series, the Christmas Carol board game, and the Christmas Carol video game. The popularity of the series of Scrooge online slots, in which players may re-experience the story through the medium of an online game and compete for actual cash awards, is another indication of the enduring appeal of traditional Christmas stories.

It goes without saying that this does not imply that more recent movies are not worth your attention. There are various instances of Christmas movies that were made in the 21st century that are now part of the cultural repertoire (although very few from this decade). We have films such as Elf, Bad Santa, Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Grinch, to name just a few of them. The way in which these movies have taken the traditional holiday messages and reimagined them for a contemporary audience is what gives them such a powerful emotional impact.

They are able to go past the glitter and tinsel to investigate what Christmas should mean in today’s culture, putting into question significant subjects such as the expectations placed on heteronormative families, unbridled materialism, and what it means to call somewhere home over the holidays. These topics are frequently absent from “classic” Christmas movies, which is quite surprising.

To that end, would you say that you prefer the contemporary or the classic? In either case, you won’t be short of things to watch during the holiday season.

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